Safety information and setup manual

Safe use of this product

WARNING: THIS IS NOT A TOY. NOT FOR USE BY CHILDREN. Children may only use this product strictly under adult supervision.

RISK OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK. This product and any accessories are intended for indoor use only. The product and certain accessories contain electrical components. The product should not come into contact with water, moisture, open flame or high temperatures (above 40 degrees Celsius). Clean product with a dry, soft cloth only. Use care with cables and cords. Never unplug an electrical cord by tugging on the cord itself but rather on the appropriate part of the plug. Inappropriate use of the product, or usage in violation of the user manual or these safety instructions, may result in the risk of electrical shock.

RISK OF HEARING DAMAGE. Users of this product and listeners risk hearing damage upon long- term exposure to high volumes through speakers or headphones. ALWAYS USE THIS PRODUCT AT THE LOWEST VOLUME SETTING POSSIBLE. We recommend that you regularly take breaks when using this product to allow your ears and voice to rest.

COMPATIBILITY AND INTERFERENCE WITH ELECTRICAL DEVICES. This product generates, uses and can emit radio frequencies. Incorrect installation or incorrect usage of the product can cause interference that is damaging to radio communications and certain TVs. In most cases, interference can be minimized or eliminated by using the product at a distance from devices that use radio frequencies. The product contains a microcomputer. In the event the device may receive interference from other devices, functionality may be impacted. Turn off the device for 10 seconds and power it back on.

REPAIRS. Contact the retailer or importer for repairs. Never attempt to repair the product or any accessories yourself. Note that if you open up, take components apart or attempt to modify the product (or any parts thereof), you may lose your right to claim for repairs and/or void your warranty, if applicable.

These safety instructions are subject to amendment from time to time. The latest version is available on-line at

Manufactured in China by: SingTrix LLC, 118 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011, USA. Tel. +1 (212) 352-1500

Imported to the EU by:

Singtrix AB

c/o Adminex Redovisning HB

Box 2849

187 28 Täby


Swedish Corp. Reg. No. 556958-8436

Setup manual

To correctly install and use Singtrix, carefully follow the instructions in the separate Setup Manual.
Contact us if you have any questions.

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INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. You are solely responsible for legally obtaining all music used with Singtrix. Rights to any music, composition or performance are not provided simply by your purchase.